Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ready, Set, Blog!

Disclaimer #1:  This is my first blog.  I am not really sure if I like writing or sharing my thoughts with the world.  That said, I really want to try.

Disclaimer #2:  We will not have a personal computer on the trip and while I would love to share our experience, I also want to be living the experience, so I might not always prioritize finding a computer so I can blog.

Disclaimer #3:  Language is really important and I love to strive to be the most politically correct with my language.  So, please feel free to give me feedback on the language used in this blog, but please give me the benefit of the doubt and know that I am being intentional with my words.  

(I know that people struggle with the word “migrant” and prefer to use “traveler,” etc.  As of yet, I am not swayed.  We are witnessing one of the largest migrations in human history and while language is limiting, and perhaps the language used is not ideal, I think there should be vocabulary specific to this forced phenomena. I realize I am also a traveler, a migrant, you may say, on this journey, but I am not part of this forced mass migration.  It's different.  But I would love to hear your argument; You may just change my mind.)

Disclaimer #4:  Please don’t tell us to be careful.  Everyone and their brother sibling have already given us that piece of advice and guess what?  We have decided to follow it.  (If you have specific advice about certain regions of the border because you live there, etc, please feel free to share with us.)

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