Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 33: Del Rio, TX to Eagle Pass, TX

Day 33:  Tuesday, January 10      Del Rio, TX to Eagle Pass, TX    Miles:  58 (total: 1632)   Flats: 0 (total: 10)  Elevation: 970 ft - 730 ft

We decided to depart from Del Rio instead of Acuña, so we stayed one more night with our Del Rio host, Mandy, and there was another cyclist Joe there that night too!  He just graduated from college in Chicago, owns an ice cream shop called The Outside Scoop in Iowa (which was named after the 3rd result in a Google search of such name) and is doing the southern tier cycling route solo! (and he puts us to shame--he did a 175 mile day later on in his trip!).  It was nice to meet Joe and since Mandy is really going for the Best Hospitality award, we all woke up to a wonderful breakfast feast!

Our routine riding day stretch at mile 10

Rooster farm?  Fighting roosters??
As far as wind goes, you win some, you lose some.  On this day, Joe lost and we won.  We cruised down to Eagle Pass with a solid tailwind and he headed the opposite direction towards Langtry. Eric and I had lunch in a cute little town called Quemado and I was really surprised by all the farm animals represented within the town--it seemed like everyone had a few goats and chickens, several had sheep and horses. And one farm had hundreds of roosters all in rows, each on a leash with its own little shelter.  I had never seen the likes.

Arriving in Eagle Pass, we headed over to the
diabetes clinic that our host, Sister Ursula runs.  We were pleased to meet her and hear a bit about the diabetes program.  We agreed to meet her at her house later and after settling in, we hopped back in her van and headed right over to Piedras Negras and Sister Ursula gave us a little tour.

It was really nice to get settled into a wonderful home in Eagle Pass and get a idea of the border towns we would spend the next few days exploring.

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  1. haha I thought I saw the roosters but didnt believe it!! now you confirm me.. haha so crazy....

    nice reading you guys... Un abrazooo!