Monday, October 31, 2011

Pan Left Productions

On Tuesday, Eric and I spoke with Mary and Jason of Pan Left Productions. We have mostly been meeting with social service organizations, so we were excited to speak with someone from a different area of work--the media.

Started in 1994, Pan Left is a media collective with the mission "to amplify progressive stories and voices by providing access to equipment and resources, increasing the capability of individuals and organizations to use and make media, and promoting equity in media distribution."  Pan left members produce amazing videos that can be found on their webpage and here on their YouTube channel. 

The videos they produce range from the current OccupyTucson movement to the recent work to save ethnic studies here in Tucson/AZ to a homeless youth project and beyond.  They are also involved in a huge collaboration to bear witness (and film and broadcast on their YouTube channel) interactions when the Tucson police calls Border Patrol.  This involves a large text tree where people immediately report if they see BP called by the police and anyone who is available rushes there with a videocamera.  They have made some interesting observations with this project, like certain police officers who don't speak Spanish just automatically call Border Patrol to interpret!

In addition to producing their own videos, they teach workshops on media literacy and production, provide media services to allied progressive organizations and they hold screenings to promote independent artists.  They are really awesome, and I think their videos say it all, so check them out!  Also, I have to plug Jason's latest project about the worst sheriff in the country, Joe Arpaio of Phoenix.  Check here for more information and a screening near you of Under Arpaio.

Jason and Mary of Pan Left, near a very old Saguaro that graces their parking lot. 
A special thanks to Mary for meeting with us on her birthday!

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