Monday, October 10, 2011

Street art tour of Tijuana

Our first full day in Tijuana, last Monday, we met Jill Holslin who is a resident of Tijuana, professor at San Diego State University and member of the No Border Wall coalition. She gave us a street art tour in downtown and shared with us a bit of her knowledge of the city.

She said that Tijuana experienced violence in 2008-2009, but since then the violence has decreased and there has been a big push for redevelopment and not just in the area of tourism.  There has been a huge push for art and many of the following murals were comissioned by the city.  She said there has also been a movement of sorts of youth in the city who are opening record stores, vintage shops and creating music and art.  We really enjoyed walking around with her.  Hope you enjoy the art!

Also, the last few are some posters that were hung for independence day a few weeks ago.  While most of the media praises Felipe Calderon for his efforts in the drug war, many others do not think so highly of him.

(FYI - my camera and skills are not the best for photographing murals.  I was also annoyed by the shadows when I was taking the photos, but now kinda like them.)