Saturday, January 14, 2012

San Antonio, Texas

We had a great time in San Antonio celebrating Solstice, Christmas and the New Year.  Eric has lived in San Antonio off and on for the last few years and has amazing friends there.  

Eric volunteered at the San Antonio Catholic Worker where he became connected to an intentional neighborhood community which started about 25 years ago.  Many in the neighborhood community were involved in the Sanctuary Movement in South Texas in the early 1980s after which they moved into a poorer neighborhood together.  Some of the folks involved homeschooled their children together, many residents share cars and tools, and they even used to go on neighborhood camping trips together.  I have loved visiting this community, just walking down the street and being invited in by friends, all who were so interested in our trip and what we have learned.

Jack making mushroom barley soup for Solstice

We stayed with our dear friend, Jack Elder, for our duration in San Antonio and part of the reason we got picked up in Del Rio, which is a 3 day ride from San Antonio, is so that we could be there for his neighborhood solstice party.  So delicious and fun!

We also made tamales in the annual Tamalada and I learned to make rico champurrado! 

The Tamalada!

We went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve with friends Don, Dee and their family, after which we opened gifts and had a huge meal of pozole!  After a just a few hours of sleep, we went to yet another mass, this time at the San Antonio Catholic Worker. (Lots of praying for tailwinds and no flat tires.)

Eric at Enchanted Rock

On New Year´s Day, we went to Enchanted Rock and got to scramble all over this huge rock with the Elder clan and about 1 million other people who had the day off.  It was a lot of fun.

Our last day in town, we celebrated by playing Bingo at the Moose Lodge. The Moose Lodge was only blocks away from where our friends in the community had lived, but no one had ever been inside! We had a grand ole time at bingo, though none of us won any money.

Future Members of the San Antonio Moose Lodge

It was wonderful to relax and write and visit with friends over the holidays, but back to the border we go!

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