Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 15: Bisbee, AZ to Douglas, AZ

Day 15:  Saturday, November 5     Bisbee, AZ to Douglas, AZ     Miles: 25 (696.5)  Flats:  0, 8 (trip, total)   Elevation:  5600 ft to 4000 ft

We woke to the dreaded sound of rain.  We are biking through like 3 deserts, for crying out loud!  We are not prepared for rain!  Fortunately, the rain was gone shortly before we wanted to hit the road, but the cold and wind remained. 

I had prepared for the cold.  I hate being cold and I bought a new down jacket and new merino wool long johns just for this trip because I hate being cold.  And I dragged those long johns and down jacket all through the heat of the Sonoran desert and when I got to Tucson, I did something silly.  It was unseasonably warm when we arrived, so I left my warm clothes with a friend who would bring them to El Paso where I could pick them up in a couple weeks.  So, I awoke in Bisbee to 45 degree temperatures, kicking myself.

Up to this point, our rides have been warm, if not hot.  We have planned to get on the road with the first light so we miss the heat of the day.  So, every riding day up until this one, I have worn my Chaco sandals (and I have quite an impressive tan line to prove it).  Today was my first day using my tennis shoes, and I had to wear wool socks too!  And not only did I wear wool socks on my feet, but also on my hands!  Luckily, Peter, who we stayed with in Bisbee, donated scarves to us, which kept us from freezing.

My tan lines three weeks before in Puerto Penasco
(I swear, we put on sunscreen 2x per day)

The new cycling outfit featuring sock hands

It was a short ride and it was all downhill and we just flew.  It was really chilly and very windy, but it was quite invigorating.  We arrived in Douglas right on time and headed over to the house of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who had offered us hospitality.

There are 4 sisters in the house, and they are so kind and welcoming.  They have been in the area for only a year and work with migrants in Agua Prieta and immigrants in Douglas, participate in water drops in the area, and much more.  They welcomed us in their beautiful home and immediately served us a hot meal and we sat conversing for almost 3 hours!  I am continually surprised and impressed and ever so grateful and how Eric and I are welcomed on our trip, especially given that we only give people a few days notice of our arrival!  How we are blessed.

We landed back in the Chihuahuan desert!

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