Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Days 13 & 14: Nogales, AZ to Bisbee, AZ

Wednesday, November 2     Nogales, AZ to Sierra Vista, AZ     Miles: 76.5 (total: 654.5)    Flats: 0,8 (trip, total)   Elevation: 3800 ft to 4600 ft

After so many days of rest, it was fantastic to get on the road again. And it didn't take long for the route to get really beautiful.  We rode past jagged mountains and through vast grassy fields.  It was lovely.

The roads were quiet and we were left to enjoy the silence and the beauty around us.  Our other companions on the road were the many large and colorful grasshoppers that would jump and float around us while the corpses of their deceased comrades would crunch under our tires.

The scenery was pretty and serene until we arrived in Huachuca City and Sierra Vista which houses most the soldiers of neighboring Fort Huachuca which has an annual protest similar to the School of the Americas protest at Fort Benning, GA.  We hoped to find camping in Sierra Vista, but no RV park would take us so we resigned to go 10 more miles down the road to camp at the San Pedro River.  We probably should have taken it easier on Eric's ankle our first day back in the road, but instead we set a new record for daily mileage!

The river had just a small amount of water trickling through, but it was lined with big beautiful cottonwood trees.  It was a chilly night, but a really nice place to camp for only $2.00 (well, we didn't have dollars so we left 25 pesos)!

Camping on the San Pedro River

Thursday, November 3  Sierra Vista, AZ to Bisbee, AZ     Miles: 17 (671.5)    Flats: 0,8   Elevation: 4600 ft - 5600 ft

We only had a short day of riding, but it was all uphill.  It was up and up and up to get to Bisbee, AZ, often only traveling at about 3 miles per hour. 

Right outside Bisbee, there was a long tunnel and a sign that it was a 6% downhill grade for the next several miles.  Realizing we were done with the uphill, we entered the cave hooting and hollering and crying from the wind in our face.  And down we flew into Bisbee, the cutest little town in Arizona*!

borrowed from http://www.plainsparanormal.com/Copper%20Queen.htm

More on Bisbee and bordertown Naco in the next post!

*if you are looking at historic Bisbee and not the mine pits and slag piles...

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