Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Nogales Wall

I visited a couple friends in Tucson in fall 2009 and spent one day in Nogales during my stay.  At that point, there was some very powerful art on the Mexican side of the border wall, which I was surprised to see was removed when I came back to Nogales this summer.  They have put in a new, taller wall in the area and I have heard that the art from the fence is now in a gallery in Tubac, Arizona, but I can't find anything about it online.  Though it is no longer there, for your viewing pleasure, I wanted to post the photos I took of the art a few years back.

But first, so you can see what the wall looks like now (though there aren't always couples kissing through it):

And not too long ago:

Borders = Scars on the Earth

These stainless metal pieces are a play on Mexican milagros, small metals that are offered in prayer

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