Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 19: Columbus, NM to El Paso, TX

Day 19:  Friday, November 11   Columbus, NM to El Paso, TX    Miles: 82 (926.5)   Flats:  0,8 (trip, total)

We woke up early after our warmest night in 4 days and it was a toasty 32 degrees.  By the time we got packed up and on the road at 7:00, it was 34 degrees and we sniffled our way through the first few hours of the ride.  But nothing could get us down--we were going to arrive in El Pasito!

A balmy 32 degrees
Since heading east, we have been thinking about arriving in El Paso.  It is there that the dream of this tour was born and where we have dear friends and (practically) family. 

After the rough day getting into Columbus, this ride was a breeze.  There was a light headwind, but not bad and we just cruised.  We rested at 10 miles and again at 25, and we had a brunchish meal of bologna sandwiches at 11:00am/40 miles and we even took a little nap on the BP side road!  We woke up refreshed and excited to continue.  It didn't take long and we could see the Franklin Mountains that are in El Paso.  We pushed on excitedly and only got more excited as they grew bigger. 

Straight shot to the Franklin Mountains
By 2:00, we had biked over 60 miles and were on the cusp of crossing into Texas from Sunland Park, New Mexico.  We rode through town (noticing several things we had never seen before from cars), acheived a new mileage record, and arrived at Casa Vides at 3:00 where we were greeted by the guests with surprised smiles and wide open arms.  As is Casa Vides style (the longer-term shelter operated by Annunciation House), almost immeadiately we were sitting down to some of the best food we had eaten in months, while dodging questions from every Señora about when we were going to get married.  We were home.

Casa Vides

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